Graduate Student Travel Grants

CSDP will reimburse qualified third- through sixth-year CSDP-affiliated graduate students for up to $450 per fiscal year (effective FY24) of eligible travel-related expenses (transportation, accommodation).

CSDP conference funding is intended to be used when other funding has been exhausted. In order to qualify, students must:

  • be regularly enrolled Ph.D. candidates at the time of application and at the time of their proposed presentation, and be CSDP student affiliates; 
  • have been invited to deliver a paper or poster that represents their own work. Serving as a discussant or respondent on a panel, giving a job talk, etc., do not qualify for support;
  • submit and document an application to the Graduate School for conference funding in the current year (Dean's Fund for Scholarly Travel), as well as documentation that Stafford funding from the Department of Politics is exhausted or unavailable.

If conference travel funding is available from conference organizers, students must document an application for this funding.

Qualified students seeking CSDP travel reimbursement should send an email with relevant documentation to Daniel Rusnak ([email protected]at least one week before traveling to the conference for which reimbursement will be requested.