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Judd G.  0.  Access to Proposers and Influence in Legislatures.
Pop-eleches G, Tucker J.  0.  After the Party: Legacies and Left-Right Distinctions in Post-Communist Countries.
Pop-eleches G, Nalepa M.  0.  Authoritarian Institutional Infiltration: Causes and Consequences.
Cameron C, Parameswaran G, Kornhauser L.  0.  Bargaining and Strategic Voting on Appellate Courts.
Kirkland P.  0.  The Business of Being Mayor: Mayors and Fiscal Policy in U.S. Cities.
Mummolo J, Knox D, Lowe W.  0.  Can Racial Bias in Policing Be Credibly Estimated Using Data Contaminated by Post-Treatment Selection?
Ratkovic M, Tingley D.  0.  Causal Inference through the Method of Direct Estimation.
Pop-eleches G, Way L.  0.   Censorship and the Impact of Repression on Dissent .
Cameron C, Shadmehr M, Shahshahani S.  0.  Coordination and Innovation in Judiciaries: Correct Law vs. Consistent Law.
McCarty N.  0.  The Decline of Regular Order in Appropriations: Does it Matter?
Canes-Wrone B, Gibson N.  0.  Developments in Congressional Responsiveness to Donor Opinion.
Pop-eleches G, Robertson G.  0.  Elections, Information and Political Change in the Post-Cold War Era.
Kastellec J, Lax J, Phillips J.  0.  Estimating State Public Opinion with Multi-level Regression and Poststratification using R.
Dancygier R, Margalit Y.  0.  The Evolution of the Immigration Debate: A Study of Party Positions over the Last Half-Century.
Mummolo J, Esberg J.  0.  Explaining Misperceptions of Crime.
Cameron C, Gordon S.  0.  Fire Alarms and Democratic Accountability.
Cameron C, Kastellec J, Park J-K.  0.  From Genteel Pluralism to Hyper-Pluralism: Interest Groups and Supreme Court Nominations, 1930-2017.
Pop-eleches G, Pop-Eleches C.  0.  Government Spending and Pocketbook Voting: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Romania.
Canes-Wrone B, Clark TS, Semet A.  0.  How Do Judicial Elections Affect Decisions on Low-Salience Issues?
Whittington K.  0.  The Idea of Democracy in America, from the American Revolution to the Gilded Age.
Judd G, Bils P, Smith B.  0.  Judicial Appointments, Electoral Accountability, and Polarization.
Cameron C, Gibbs D, Crosson J.  0.  Message Legislation and the Politics of Virtue Signalling.
Canes-Wrone B, Barber M, Godbout J-F.  0.  Party Loyalty and Campaign Contributions.
Pop-eleches G, Way L.  0.  Political Crises, Foreign Policy Preferences and Partisanship.
Cameron C, Bass L, Kastellec J.  0.  The Politics of Accountability in Supreme Court Nominations: Voter Recall and Assessment of Senator Votes on Nominees.