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Canes-Wrone B, Clark TS, Semet A.  0.  How Do Judicial Elections Affect Decisions on Low-Salience Issues?
Canes-Wrone B, Mattioli L, Meunier S.  0.  The Politics of Backlash: Congress and Chinese Direct Investment in the United States.
Canes-Wrone B, Barber M, Thrower S.  0.  Presidential Donors, Candidate Ideology, and Personal Favorability.
Canes-Wrone B, Barber M, Godbout J-F.  0.  Party Loyalty and Campaign Contributions.
Canes-Wrone B, Gibson N.  0.  Developments in Congressional Responsiveness to Donor Opinion.
Cameron C, Kastellec J, Park J-K.  0.  From Genteel Pluralism to Hyper-Pluralism: Interest Groups and Supreme Court Nominations, 1930-2017.
Cameron C, Kornhauser L.  0.  What Do Courts Do? How to Model Judicial Actions
Cameron C, Kornhauser L.  0.  What Do Judges Want? How to Model Judicial Preferences
Cameron C, Shadmehr M, Shahshahani S.  0.  Coordination and Innovation in Judiciaries: Correct Law vs. Consistent Law.
Cameron C, Kornhauser L, Parameswaran G.  0.  Stare Decisis and Judicial Log-Rolls: A Gains-from-Trade Model.
Cameron C, Gordon S.  0.  Fire Alarms and Democratic Accountability.
Cameron C, Parameswaran G, Kornhauser L.  0.  Bargaining and Strategic Voting on Appellate Courts.
Cameron C, Gibbs D, Crosson J.  0.  Message Legislation and the Politics of Virtue Signalling.
Cameron C, Bass L, Kastellec J.  0.  The Politics of Accountability in Supreme Court Nominations: Voter Recall and Assessment of Senator Votes on Nominees.