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Canes-Wrone B, Mattioli L, Meunier S.  0.  The Politics of Backlash: Congress and Chinese Direct Investment in the United States.
Pop-eleches G.  0.  The Post-Communist Democratic Deficit: Roots and Mechanisms.
Canes-Wrone B, Barber M, Thrower S.  0.  Presidential Donors, Candidate Ideology, and Personal Favorability.
Kastellec J, Cameron C, Mattioli L.  0.  Presidential Selection of Supreme Court Nominees: The Characteristics Approach.
McCarty N, McGhee E, Masket S, Shor B, Rogers S.  0.  A Primary Cause of Partisanship? Nomination Systems and Legislator Ideology
Kastellec J.  0.  Race, Context and Judging on the Courts of Appeals: Race-Based Panel Effects in Death Penalty Cases.
Kirkland P.  0.  Representation in American Cities: Who Runs for Mayor and Who Wins?
Kastellec J, Liu H.  0.  The Revolving Door in Judicial Politics: Former Clerks and Agenda Setting on the U.S. Supreme Court.
Guess A, Nyhan B, Reifler J.  0.  Selective Exposure to Misinformation: Evidence from the consumption of fake news during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.
Mummolo J, Esberg J, Westwood S.  0.  The Stability of Criminal Justice Policy Views: Evaluating the Effects of Factual Corrections and Appeals to Social Identity.
Cameron C, Kornhauser L, Parameswaran G.  0.  Stare Decisis and Judicial Log-Rolls: A Gains-from-Trade Model.
Mendelberg T.  0.  Status: What it is and Why It Matters for Politics.
Kastellec J, Hirsch A.  0.  A Theory of Policy Sabotage.
Judd G, Rothenberg L.  0.  The Waning and Stability of the Filibuster.
McCarty N, Jordan S.  0.  Welfare and Paternalism.
Cameron C, Kornhauser L.  0.  What Do Courts Do? How to Model Judicial Actions
Cameron C, Kornhauser L.  0.  What Do Judges Want? How to Model Judicial Preferences
Mendelberg T, Thal A, Merola V, Raychaudhuri T.  0.  When Poor Students Attend Rich Schools.