William Marble

CSDP Fellow
235 Corwin Hall (mail to 224 Corwin Hall)

William Marble earned his PhD in the Political Science Department at Stanford University in 2021. His work investigates the ways that economic and social context influence political attitudes, campaigns, and behavior. Using administrative data, surveys, and social media data – along with modern causal inference methods and rigorous descriptive methods – he generates new insights about the forces that shape modern politics and explores the interplay between nationalization of politics and regional divergence of economic opportunity. At CSDP, William will build on his interests in the issue substance of politics, including the development of a method to jointly estimate the distribution of public opinion on a range of issue areas — economic policy, racial policies, and moral values issues, among others — as well as the relative weights that voters attach to each issue area over the past 40 years. This structural approach combines new advances in measuring candidates’ issue-specific ideal points with survey and electoral data to enable a fine-grained accounting of evolution of the nature of political competition from 1980 to the present.

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