Sebastian Thieme

2018-2019 CSDP Fellow
Office Location: 
236 Corwin Hall (mail to: CSDP 224 Corwin Hall)

Sebastian Thieme received his PhD in politics at New York University in 2018. His research is concentrated in the areas of American Politics and Political Methodology, with a focus on how U.S. political institutions moderate interactions between elected officials and private interests. His dissertation research explores longstanding questions in U.S. politics, including (1) the extent to which interest groups and corporations contribute to polarization; (2) the determinants of PAC contributions to candidates; and (3) the nature of agenda control in legislatures. A separate project develops a novel theory of variation in issue emphasis by candidates across different stages of the election cycle, and tests the theory’s empirical implications.

At CSDP, Sebastian will pursue additional questions raised by his dissertation, especially concerning different lobbying strategies that are employed by business interests. For example: What determines whether business interests seek short- vs. long-term access to legislators, and how does this affect their success