Matthew Cleary


Matthew Cleary is an assistant professor of political science at Syracuse University. He recently received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Chicago. Cleary has general research interests in democratic representation, democratization, ethnic politics, and Latin American politics. He is the author of Democracy and Indigenous Rebellion in Latin America(Comparative Political Studies, November 2000) and Electoral Competition, Citizen Influence, and Government Performance in Mexican Municipalities(Política y Gobierno, January 2003).

He is currently working on two major projects. Electoral Competition, Participation, and Government Performance in Mexico, based on his Ph.D. dissertation, explores the conditions under which electoral competition and other forms of political participation influence government responsiveness in Mexican municipalities. Trust and the Consolidation of Democracy (with Susan C. Stokes) uses original survey data from Mexico and Argentina to evaluate theoretical claims linking democratic consolidation to social or interpersonal trust. He is also formulating research agendas involving indigenous politics in Mexico and formal models of electoral accountability.

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