Maria Petrova


Maria Petrova is the UBS Assistant Professor of Economics at the New Economic School in Moscow. She received her PhD from Harvard University in 2008. Maria’s research interests include political economy, mass media economics, and corporate finance. 

As a CSDP visiting scholar for 2012-2013, she will focus on media effects in Weimar Republic, with the objective of deepening our understanding of the influence of mass media on people’s behavior in a democracy, by estimating a causal effect of German public radio on voting and expressions of anti-semitism in Germany in 1930-1933. This research combines political, economic, and historic scholarship to show how radio enabled the elections of Adolf Hitler, and subsequent events, in a democratic society. She will employ detailed small-level geographic variation in signal availability in order to estimate the magnitudes of media effects on voting and other dependent variables. The ultimate goal of Maria’s research is to compare the magnitude of this effect with the magnitudes found in other studies of the effects of mass media on a range of outcomes in modern United States, Russia, Croatia, and other countries.

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