Leslie McCall


Leslie J. McCall is Associate Professor of Sociology at Northwestern University. Her interests include social inequality, economic and political sociology, and social theory. Her work on racial, educational, and gender inequality has appeared in a variety of scholarly journals as well as in her book, Complex Inequality: Gender, Class, and Race in the New Economy, which was the first runner-up for the C. Wright Mills Book Award. Her current research projects include an ongoing study of economic inequality among women, an analysis of the impact of corporate restructuring on rising inequality, and an investigation of the political consequences of rising wage inequality. Her work has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Russell Sage Foundation, and Demos: A Network of Ideas and Action, where she is a Senior Fellow. During her year at CSDP, she will be writing Who Cares About Inequality?, a book about American views of income inequality, opportunity, and redistribution.

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