Kevin Munger

2018-2019 CSDP Fellow
Office Phone
235 Corwin Hall (mail to: CSDP 224 Corwin Hall)

Kevin Munger received his PhD in politics at New York University in 2018, where he was also a member of the Social Media and Political Participation (SMaPP) lab. His dissertation studies the political implications of new forms of communication enabled by the internet and social media. This work involves developing innovative methods for performing online behavioral experiments and creating new ways to use text as data. His research analyzes the way that new media technologies have changed elite political communication and mass political behavior in the US.

Kevin’s research agenda for 2018-2019 at CSDP has two components, one methodological and the other substantive. The former entails formalizing and publishing the framework he developed for performing online behavioral experiments with Twitter bots. Kevin’s substantive interest is in understanding how the changing media environment online affects how people choose what news media to consume and, in particular, how heterogeneous these effects are on different types of people.

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