Jared Clemons

2022-2023 Joint Fellow, CSDP and Politics
Corwin 227

Jared Clemons earned his PhD in Political Science at Duke University in 2022, studying the relationship between political economy and antiracism. More specifically, his dissertation traces how macroeconomic policy, particularly in the post-World War II era, led to the hyper-commodification of both public education and housing—a process that has been part and parcel of what is generally understood as neoliberal capitalism—and how such state policies have undermined efforts to address racial inequality. Given these political circumstances, he then offers a new theoretical framework, the privatization of racial responsibility, for helping us to understand how individuals sympathetic to antiracist aims—within the context of his dissertation, white liberals—navigate these circumstances. In so doing, he offers a materially-grounded theory for thinking about contemporary white antiracism and the persistence of structural racial inequality. While at Princeton as a joint fellow of CSDP and the department of politics, Jared will build upon his interests in political economy, American political development, the formation and sustainment of neoliberal ideology, and Black political thought to further develop and sharpen the theoretical framework and empirical data presented in his dissertation.