Jaclyn Kaslovsky

2020-2021 CSDP Fellow
236 Corwin Hall

Jaclyn Kaslovsky receivedher Ph.D. from the Harvard Department of Government in 2020 and will join the faculty at Rice University in 2021. In addition to analyzing how members of Congress can be impactful inside the legislature, her research engages with questions of constituency service and descriptive representation to strengthen our understanding of what it means for a legislator to be responsive.

While at CSDP, Jaclyn will work on a research project examining representation and the U.S. Senate. The project will explore the trade-offs between constituent attention and policy representation, and how the relationship between these two dimensions of representation has changed over time.  Specifically, Jaclyn will use county-level data on senator travel, staff allocation, and credit claiming patterns to investigate the changing relationship between local resources and roll call voting in an era of increased polarization.

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