Hans Noel


Hans Noel is a Doctoral Candidate in Political Science at the University of California at Los Angeles, specializing in political parties and ideology, and in American politics and methodology. His dissertation, "The Coalition Merchants: How Ideologues Shape Parties in America Politics," seeks to explain the source of ideology and how it influences politics. The dissertation treats ideology and party as alternative and often conflicting ways of organizing politics. These alternatives influence each other, but ideologues can be the stronger influence, both indirectly, by defining the political landscape in which parties compete, and directly, by capturing control of various party organs.

He is involved in several other projects on parties and ideologies, including Beating Reform: The Resurgence of Parties in Presidential Nominations (with Marty Cohen, David Karol and John Zaller), Without a Watchdog: The Effect of Local News on Political Polarization in Congress (with Marty Cohen and John Zaller) and We Thank Your For Your Support: Using the Address Market to Study Party Networks (with Gregory Koger and Seth Masket).

Hans received his BS in Journalism from Northwestern University in 1994 and later worked for a daily newspaper in Virginia. He is the co-director/co-producer of the award-winning feature film The Rest of Your Life.

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