Hanno Hilbig

2022-2023 CSDP Fellow
Corwin 235

Hanno Hilbig defended his dissertation at Harvard University in 2022. His research lies at the intersection of Comparative Politics and Political Economy. Hanno studies the politics of established democracies, with a focus on media in politics. In particular, he analyzes how the nationalization of media transforms local policymaking across three central challenges facing democracies: economic crises, immigration, and climate change. Hanno explores these topics using novel data sets, ranging from self-collected survey data to archival data or large-scale administrative data sets. His empirical work pays close attention to causal inference and employs identification strategies such as regression discontinuity designs, field experiments, and matching designs. During his time at CSDP, Hanno is working on a book project, which examines how policymaking at the local level is transformed by the “spatial decoupling of preference formation” - the tendency of constituents to form political preferences about local issues based on exposure to national debates. This project draws on and integrates Hanno’s previous work on the nationalization of news consumption, as well as work that explores the topics of economic crises, immigrant integration and environmental politics at the local level.