A. David Bateman


David Bateman is a PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. His dissertation, Democratic Exclusion: Disenfranchisement and the Right to Vote in the United Kingdom, United States, and France, argues that the dynamics of democratic competition often lead parties and candidates to change electoral rules to disfranchise some groups while enfranchising others. His substantive research focuses on voting rights, electoral systems, and legislator behavior. While at CSDP, David will research contemporary trends in electoral qualifications and assess their impact on turnout, on representation, and on policy. What is the impact of changes to voting qualifications on the behavior and policy positions of elected representatives? David’s research will be focused on expanding datasets documenting changes to voting qualifications, enfranchisement rates, election statistics, and legislator ideal points. This will provide the basis for a broader exploration of the impact of voting arrangements on representation.

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