Benjamin Hammond

Graduate student
Fisher Hall

Ben Hammond is a Ph.D. candidate in American politics with a focus on political institutions. His dissertation leverages an original data set of annual appropriations with a combination of formal theory and observational methods to explain the design of the federal budget process and to explore bargaining outcomes between Congress and the President. His work on distributive politics with Leah Rosenstiel has been published in the American Political Science Review. Ben also serves as the Director of Congressional Programs at the Stennis Center for Public Service, a legislative branch agency that seeks to promote and strengthen the highest ideals of public service in the country. In this position, he oversees the Stennis Fellows Program, which aims to meet the challenges Congress faces as an institution by providing practical, bipartisan leadership development for senior staff members in both parties and in both chambers.

Before attending Princeton, Ben served as senior staff on the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee and as professional staff on several House and Senate appropriations subcommittees. He has experience in transatlantic relations as a Robert Bosch Foundation Fellow working in the German Bundestag with a focus on the German budget process. Ben graduated summa cum laude from Ole Miss with a B.A. in international studies and history.