Lerman Studies Consolidation of Princetons
Dec. 18, 2012
Amy Lerman, Assistant Professor of Politics and Public Affairs and CSDP Faculty Associate, was profiled in the Princeton Packet newspaper (December 18, 2012) for the survey work she is doing on the consolidation of Princeton Borough and Princeton Township.
Mendelberg Describes Work on Women's Representation on PBS's "NJ Today"
Nov. 25, 2012

Tali Mendelberg, Associate Professor of Politics and CSDP faculty associate, described her work on women and representation on the PBS television news show NJ Today on November 23, 2012. Professor Mendelberg's research on gender and representation, and women's voices in deliberative bodies, is of particular interest in…

Election Night 2012 in Robertson Hall
Nov. 9, 2012
CSDP and the Department of Politics jointly sponsored an Election Night returns-watching event in Robertson Hall attended by nearly 200 faculty, staff, and students, featuring commentary by Princeton University experts.
Tali Mendelberg Authors New York Times Op-Ed
Nov. 9, 2012

Tali Mendelberg, Associate Professor of Politics and CSDP Faculty Associate, and her co-author, Christopher Karpowitz of BYU, authored an Op-Ed that appeared in the November 9th New York Times. Titled

Meredith Sadin Wins NSF Dissertation Award
Sept. 5, 2012

Meredith Sadin, CSDP-affiliated Politics Ph.D. student whose work focuses on political behavior, experimental methods, and inequality, has garnered a National Science Foundation award for her dissertation, "Citizens' Social Class Stereotypes as a Basis for Political Reasoning." More on Meredith can be found here:

Dan Myers Wins Best Dissertation Award from APSA Experimental Methods Section
Aug. 26, 2012

Dan Myers' dissertation was named the best dissertation of 2011 by the Experimental Methods Section of the American Political Science Association. The section recognizes the best dissertation that utilizes experimental methods on substantive political science research, or makes a fundamental contribution to experimental methods…

Gilens' New Book, Affluence and Influence, Called "Landmark Study"
July 24, 2012
Martin Gilens' new book, Affluence and Influence: Economic Inequality and Political Power in America, looks at thousands of proposed policy changes, and the degree of support for each among poor, middle-class, and affluent Americans. Gilens finds that when preferences of low- or middle-income Americans diverge from those of the affluent, there is virtually no relationship between policy outcomes and the desires of less advantaged groups.
Mendelberg Paper Selected for Best Paper Awards
June 1, 2012
Tali Mendelberg's (Associate Professor of Politics and CSDP Faculty Associate) paper on "Do Women Deliberate with a Distinctive Voice? How Decision Rules and Group Gender Composition Affect the Content of Deliberation" has been selected by the committee for the Lazarsfeld Best Paper Award from the Political Communication Section. The same paper was named by the Political Psychology section as the best paper of the year.
Jeffrey Segal and Keith Whittington Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
April 16, 2012
Jeffrey Segal and Keith Whittington have been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Jeffrey Segal is a current CSDP Senior Visiting Scholar and SUNY Distinguished Professor and chair of the political science department at Stony Brook University. Keith Whittington is a CSDP Faculty Associate and William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Politics at Princeton University.
Starr is PROSE Award Winner
March 29, 2012

Paul Starr, CSDP faculty affiliate and the Stuart Professor of Communications and Public Affairs and Wilson School professor of sociology and public affairs, was recently named the 2011 PROSE Award winner in Government and Politics by the Association of American Publishers (AAP).

Starr was recognized for his book,