Mummolo Findings About Police Responsiveness Have Important Implications for Reform Policy
Dec. 13, 2017

Jonathan Mummolo's study of police officers' responsiveness to the scrutiny of their supervisors, published in the Journal of Politics, suggests that rules and supervision can be effective at reforming police behavior.


Research by Andrew Guess: The Poynter Media Trust Survey
Dec. 11, 2017

Original public opinion research by Andrew Guess, Assistant Professor of Politics and Public Policy and CSDP Faculty Associate, is presented in Poynter, a leading publication for journalists. Guess's work, together with co-authors Brendan Nyhan …

Arnold's Work Featured in Vox: Why the Tax Bill Passed (Policy Design Matters)
Dec. 5, 2017

R. Douglas Arnold's work on policy design is featured in Vox's article by Lee Drutman on 

Lauren Wright's Comments Featured in Newsweek on Party Responses to Sexual Misconduct Charges
Dec. 1, 2017

Lauren Wright is quoted throughout this Newsweek article on the electoral implications of Democrats' responses to sexual misconduct charges: Democrats' Tepid Response to Sexual Misconduct Allegations Could Hurt Them in the Long Run

David Frum Visits with CSDP
Oct. 17, 2017

David Frum, senior editor at The Atlantic and frequent media guest (and active tweeter), met with CSDP faculty and graduate students as part of his visit to the Woodrow Wilson School. The discussion covered questions ranging from the role of academics in political discourse to the future of the conservative movement.

Paluck Awarded MacArthur Fellowship
Oct. 11, 2017

Elizabeth Levy Paluck, a professor of psychology and public affairs at Princeton University and a CSDP Faculty Associate, has been awarded a 2017 MacArthur Fellowship.

Whittington in Vox: Can the NFL fire players for kneeling during the anthem?
Sept. 26, 2017

Keith Whittington is one of nine legal experts consulted by Vox with the question: Can the NFL fire players for kneeling during the anthem? While all agreed that it would not be unconstitutional, Professor Whittington added,

Whittington on Possible Impeachable Offenses and Congressional Investigation
Aug. 7, 2017

Keith Whittington, writing on Possibly Impeachable Offenses: The Need for Congressional Investigation for the Niskanen Center, discusses the need for congressional investigation of the president rather than relying only on a special prosecutor…

Democracy for Realists in The Economist's Special Report on Donald Trump's America
July 6, 2017
In its assessment of the power of groupthink in voting behavior, The Economist relies on Chris Achen's and Larry Bartels' Democracy for Realists.