News - 2013

Wednesday, Apr 17, 2013

Deborah Beim (CSDP Graduate Student), Alex Hirsch and John Kastellec (CSDP Faculty) and were awarded the 2013 Best Conference Paper Award from the Law and Courts Section of the American Political Science Association, for their paper "...

Friday, Apr 5, 2013
Tom S. Clark (PhD '08) and Benjamin Lauderdale (PhD ' 10) have received the 2013 Best Journal Article Award from the Law and Courts Organized Section of the American Political Science Association for their paper The Supreme Court's Many Median Justices," American Political Science Review 106(4):847-866.This award recognizes the best journal...
Wednesday, Apr 3, 2013
Markus Prior's recent work on the media and political polarization is being widely discussed in the academic and general press. The Economist described this work in a piece titled Why Fox News is less to blame for polarised politics than you think. See full story for more details and links.
Tuesday, Feb 12, 2013
Maria Petrova's work on electoral fraud in Russia is highlighted on the Princeton University website, including several interactive features that allow the user to view details of her experimental data. Professor Petrova (CSDP fellow this year) conducted a large-scale field experiment during the December 2011 parliamentary elections in Russia, the...
Friday, Jan 18, 2013

Princeton University is featuring a profile of Professor Martin Gilens' work, highlighting his recent book, on our homepage including a "video feature." Gilens' book, Affluence & Influence: Economic Inequality and Political Power, details the policy influence of the affluent.