Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021

Paul Frymer, Professor of Politics and a CSDP faculty associate, talked with Diane Rehm on her WAMU/NPR show. Is The US Ready For 51 States? Or Even 52? Frymer discusses the arguments for and against expanding the Union, and how these efforts compare to how the country added states in the past.

Friday, Feb 12, 2021

The Washington Post features a new ground-breaking study by Jonathan Mummolo and co-authors that finds that diversity in law enforcement can lead to improvements in how police...

Monday, Jan 25, 2021

Omar Wasow, assistant professor of politics and CSDP faculty associate, is featured on Irish Times' World View podcast.

Monday, Jan 25, 2021

FiveThirtyEight features John Kastellec in an examination of how the lack of diversity among judges affects how the judiciary is viewed and judicial outcomes: It Will Be Tough For Biden To...

Thursday, Jan 14, 2021

The first annual Shepsle Prize has been awarded to Patricia Kirkland for the best article in the Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy. Her award-winning paper, Mayoral Candidates, Social Class, and Representation in American Cities, was published in March,...

Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021

Lauren Wright, Associate Research Scholar and Lecturer in Politics and Public Affairs at Princeton University, appeared on CNBC to discuss impending impeachment.

Monday, Jan 11, 2021

Paul Frymer, professor of politics and CSDP faculty associate, is quoted in The Washington Post's analysis of how the capitol breach and Democratic control of the Senate will affect likelihood of D.C. and...

Monday, Jan 11, 2021

Frances Lee, professor of politics and public affairs and a CSDP faculty associate, discussed Democrats’ narrow control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives and what it means for President-elect Joe Biden’s legislative agenda on the...

Friday, Jan 8, 2021

Omar Wasow, Assistant Professor of Politics and a CSDP faculty associate, writes in The Washington Post that the remarkable assault on the U.S.

Friday, Jan 8, 2021

Keith Whittington, William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Politics at Princeton University and a CSDP faculty associate, makes the case in The Washington Post that when the chief...