Democracy for Realists Earns Sears Award for Best Book in Political Psychology
July 6, 2017
Christopher Achen's and Larry Bartels' book, Democracy for Realists: Why Elections Do Not Produce Responsive Government (Princeton University Press 2016) has been named the winner of the International Society of Political Psychology's (ISPP) 2017 David O. Sears Award.
Extensive Discussion of Democracy with Chris Achen in Vox
June 22, 2017
The Problem with Democracy: It Relies on Voters in Vox is a "long and sweeping discussion" with Christopher Achen and Larry Bartels, based on their book Democracy for Realists: Why Elections Do Not Produce Responsive Government.
Mendelberg Research in the News
June 22, 2017
Work on women's voices in deliberative settings by Princeton professor and CSDP faculty associate Tali Mendelberg is being cited by many media outlets. These include the New York Times' The Universal Phenomenon of Men Interrupting Women, and on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
Tali Mendelberg CNN Op-Ed: Why Women Need More Than a Seat at the Table
June 22, 2017
Explaining Why Women Need More Than a Seat at the Table, Mendelberg and Karpowitz cite their studies that show the connection between the number of women and their voices. "Uber's board and the United States Senate are part of the same phenomenon: They both vastly under-represent women, thereby silencing women's voices."
Staszak Book Wins Award for Best Book in Politics and History
June 14, 2017
Sarah Staszak's book, No Day in Court: Access to Justice and the Politics of Judicial Retrenchment (Oxford University Press, 2015), has won APSA’s J. David Greenstone Prize for the best book published in the past 2 years in Politics and History.
What's a Constitutional Crisis? Keith Whittington on ABC2News
May 19, 2017

Keith Whittington, William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Politics and CSDP faculty associate, on ABC2News talking about what a “constitutional crisis is,” and isn’t. 

McCarty and Gilens in Edsall's NY Times article "Why Republicans Are Always Looking Over Their Shoulders"
May 19, 2017
Professors Nolan McCarty and Martin Gilens are both quoted in a New York Times opinion piece about the electoral consequences and public perceptions of Congressional Republicans' behavior regarding their president's actions
Chris Achen Receives Graduate Mentoring Award
May 17, 2017
Professor Christopher H. Achen, Roger Williams Straus Professor of Social Sciences, Professor of Politics, and CSDP Faculty Associate, has been named a recipient of Princeton's Graduate Mentoring Award.
Pop-Eleches' New Book on "Communism's Shadow"
May 9, 2017

Professor Grigore Pop-Eleches (Princeton University) and Joshua Tucker's (NYU) new book, Communism's Shadow: Historical Legacies and Contemporary Political Attitudes (Princeton University Press 2017), has been called "undoubtedly a landmark study in the field of comparative politics." The book examines communist legacies' lasting influence on…

Frymer's Building an American Empire "Remaps Large Parts of American History"
May 9, 2017

Paul Frymer's newest book, Building an American Empire: The Era of Territorial and Political Expansion (Princeton University Press 2017), details how westward expansion was governmentally engineered to promote the formation of a white settler nation.