News - 2015

Wednesday, Oct 14, 2015

Tali Mendelberg's work on the "norm of racial equality" was highlighted in an opinion piece in the New York Times' The Stone opinion series titled Democracy and the Demagogue.

Tuesday, Sep 22, 2015

Professor Carles Boix, Robert Garrett Professor in Politics, Professor of Politics and Public Affairs, and CSDP Faculty Associate received the 2015 Heinz Eulau Award for his paper "Bones of Contention: The Political Economy of Height Inequality (with...

Thursday, Sep 17, 2015

Christopher Achen, Roger Williams Straus Professor of Social Sciences, Professor of Politics, and CSDP Faculty Associate, discussed voters' party loyalties, identity, and decision-making with Princeton Alumni Weekly in its "Life of fhe Mind" series. Swaying Voters: Hazy...

Friday, Sep 11, 2015
Brandice Canes-Wrone's work on the impact of impending elections on the housing market was featured in the Wall Street Journal.
Friday, Jul 17, 2015
Meredith Sadin, former CSDP-affiliated graduate student and Politics PhD '14, has won the Best Dissertation Award from the Experimental Research Section of the American Politicial Science Association.
Monday, Jul 13, 2015
Steve Rogers, Politics Ph.D.. former CSDP-affiliated graduate student, and a new assistant professor at Saint Louis University, has won two APSA awards for his dissertation, "Accountability in a Federal System."
Monday, Jul 13, 2015
Nolan McCarty and Steve Rogers' AJPS article "A Primary Cause of Partisanship:Nomination Systems and Legislator Ideology," (coauthored with Seth Masket, Eric McGhee, and Boris Shor), has won the APSA State Politics and Policy Best Journal Article Award for 2015
Tuesday, Jun 16, 2015
Former Princeton Politics and CSDP graduate student, Megan Francis, was awarded the American Political Science Association's 2015 Ralph J. Bunche Award. Awarded annually for the best scholarly work in political science that explores the phenomenon of ethnic and cultural pluralism, the award recognizes Megan's book, Civil Rights and the Making of...
Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Omar Wasow's research, examining how nonviolent vs. violent black protests affect white voting behavior, is the topic of an article in the Washington Post, Have black protests helped or hurt the Democratic Party?
Wednesday, Apr 22, 2015
CSDP-affiliated graduate student Matthew Incantalupo (and co-authors Ben Bishin, Tom Hayes, and Tony Smith) have won the APSA Law and Courts Section award for Best Conference Paper.