Who Was Most Likely to Share Fake News in 2016? Andy Guess's work featured in Washington Post and other major media outlets

Thursday, Jan 10, 2019

Despite widespread interest in the fake news phenomenon, we know very little about who actually shares fake news. Now, in newly-published research, Andy Guess and co-authors (NYU) find that in general, the proportion of people on Facebook who shared links to fake news websites was relatively low. That said, however, older Americans — especially those over 65 — were much more likely to share fake news than younger ones, and conservatives and Republicans were more likely to share fake news than were liberals and Democrats. Andrew Guess is assistant professor of politics and public affairs and a CSDP faculty associate at Princeton University.

Guess's paper, Less than you think: Prevalence and predictors of fake news dissemination on Facebook, is published in the journal Science Advances and is featured in The Washington Post, and covered by major media outlets in the US and internationally, including The Hill, HuffPost, New York Magazine, US News and World ReportBBC News, and the Times of Israel.

For an interview with the authors, see this Woodrow Wilson School Research Brief.