Raychaudhuri, PhD candidate, new publication: The social roots of Asian American partisan attitudes

Thursday, Aug 9, 2018

Tanika Raychaudhuri's research on "The social roots of Asian American partisan attitudes" has just been published in a special issue of Politics, Groups, and Identities on Asian Pacific Americans.  Raychaudhuri asks an important question in the study of Asian American political behavior -- why are members of this group, who have some Republican predispositions, strong Democratic supporters? She examines voting behavior and partisan identification, developing a socially-based explanation for high levels of Democratic support, and argues that Asian Americans develop Democratic preferences through interactions within peer groups. 

Raychaudhuri is a PhD candidate in American Politics at Princeton University, and is a CSDP-affiliated graduate student. Her research focus is on political behavior, race and ethnicity politics, and inequality.