Rafaela Dancygier Receives Top Book Honor

Tuesday, Jul 19, 2011
Rafaela Dancygier, assistant professor of Politics and Public Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School and faculty affiliate of the Center for the Study of Democratic Politics, recently received the 2011 Best Book Award from the European Politics & Society Section of the American Political Science Association for her book titled, "Immigration and Conflict in Europe"(Cambridge University Press, 2010).
In the book, Dancygier discusses immigrant conflict in Europe and its contributing factors.  Specifically, she examines why clashes between immigrants and natives as well as confrontations between the state and immigrants occur in some locations and not in others and why the incidence of these conflicts varies across immigrant groups.  The book provides answers to these questions by examining immigrant conflict in the UK, Germany, and France.
In a review of the book, Steve Wilkinson of Yale University noted that “Dancygier has written the best book I’ve ever seen on immigration and conflict.   She expertly shows the way in which political incentives and local competition for resources combine to explain conflict in Europe, but the theory could easily be extended to other regions and countries.”
Dancygier's broad research interests are in comparative politics and comparative political economy. Her research focuses on the domestic consequences of international immigration, the political incorporation of immigrants, the relationship between ethnic diversity and redistribution and the determinants of ethnic conflict. She is currently working on a book that explores how immigration regimes and welfare states impact interethnic conflict and immigrant integration in Western Europe. Her previous work has appeared in the American Journal of Political Science and in edited volumes.