Mummolo Study Shows Black Police Officers Less Likely to Stop, Arrest, and Use Force Against Civilians

Friday, Feb 12, 2021

The Washington Post features a new ground-breaking study by Jonathan Mummolo and co-authors that finds that diversity in law enforcement can lead to improvements in how police treat people of color. The paper, The role of officer race and gender in police-civilian interactions in Chicago, just published in Science, lays the groundwork for future research on other policing reform proposals that center on systemic change. 

These results strongly suggest that diversification can reshape police-civilian encounters.... Policing is evolving rapidly, and a complete understanding of the efficacy of reforms requires continued, in-depth research.

Jonathan Mummolo is assistant professor of politics and public affairs and a CSDP faculty associate at Princeton University. For more information about this and related research, visit Research on Policing Reform and Accountability (RoPRA).