McConnaughy in Washington Post: It’s Women’s Equality Day. Here’s how woman suffrage activists cleared the hurdles.

Wednesday, Sep 2, 2020

What politics delivered the 19th amendment? In her article in The Washington Post, Corrine McConnaughy explores the history and applies her research to shed light on lessons learned for the future:

Women’s organizing is still the heart of the suffrage story, even as success required electoral influence stemming from male voters. It was women’s political resources and organizational skills that cemented the necessary partnerships. The breadth and diversity of who invested in the woman suffrage cause highlights the enormity of the challenge. America’s unfinished business of democracy will require no less.

McConnaughy is also the guest on the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs' EndNotes podcast, discussing The Woman Suffrage Movement in America.

Corrine McConnaughy (@cmMcConnaughy) is a research scholar and lecturer in American politics at Princeton University, and a CSDP faculty associate. She is the author of “The Woman Suffrage Movement in America: A Reassessment” (Cambridge University Press, 2013).