Matthew Barnes Quoted in American Prospect on "Shale Rebellion"

Thursday, Dec 12, 2013

Mathew Barnes, PhD Candidate in the Department of Politics and CSDP graduate student, is quoted in a feature article in The American Prospect on the "Shale Rebellion." Barnes, whose dissertation focuses on the politics and policy of fracking, weighs in on the consequences of a 2008 moratorium in New York state:

In 2008, then-Governor David Paterson of New York responded to mounting concerns about contamination in the shale by ordering a fracking moratorium until an environmental assessment was completed. “This was the crucial decision,” says Matthew Barnes, a Princeton University doctoral student who is writing his dissertation on fracking politics. The moratorium, which continues more than five years later, bought grassroots opponents enough time to organize “an onslaught of anti-fracking protests and demonstrations” and to point out the problems unfolding across the border in Pennsylvania. More than 150 municipal governments passed fracking bans and moratoria, and two key court decisions upheld local bans. Those decisions are under review by the state’s highest court. Still, Barnes says, in New York “the anti groups are definitely winning.”