Lauren Wright's Comments Featured in Newsweek on Party Responses to Sexual Misconduct Charges

Dec. 1, 2017

Lauren Wright is quoted throughout this Newsweek article on the electoral implications of Democrats' responses to sexual misconduct charges: Democrats' Tepid Response to Sexual Misconduct Allegations Could Hurt Them in the Long Run.

'Wright said the best bet for the Democratic Party—or any party—is to focus on sexual misconduct as a moral and ethical issue, not a political one. "It's an honor and privilege to serve in Congress and what we're asking of these members isn't to be paragons of virtue—we're asking them to adhere to the lowest possible standards of human decency," Wright said. "It's just so disappointing how both parties have dealt with it so poorly." '

Wright is Lecturer in Public Affairs and Politics and a CSDP Associate at Princeton University.