Knox, Lowe, and Mummolo Research on Bias in Police Shootings Cited in Science

Thursday, Sep 5, 2019

Research on racial bias in police shootings by Dean Knox, Will Lowe, and Jonathan Mummolo is cited in ScienceStudy that claims white police no more likely to shoot minorities draws fire

Documenting every use of force, Mummolo says, is important but insufficient. “What we’re trying to do is develop research designs that allow us to study how police come into contact with civilians in the first place.” 

The discussion of this research question continued in an article in Nature. What the data say about police shootings focuses on how racial biases play into "deadly encounters" with the police, and discusses how scholars are using data to answer these important questions. Mummolo will present their paper, The Bias Is Built In: How Administrative Records Mask Racially Biased Policing (with Dean Knox and Will Lowe) at a CSDP seminar later this fall. Dean Knox is Assistant Professor of Politics, Will Lowe is Senior Research Specialist,  and Jonathan Mummolo is Assistant Professor of Politics and Public Affairs, all at Princeton University. Both Mummolo and Knox are CSDP faculty associates.