Ismail White in Washington Post: How Do Black People Channel Their Anger about Racial Injustice?

Monday, Jun 29, 2020

Ismail White, professor of politics and public affairs and CSDP faculty associate, along with co-authors Antoine J. Banks and Brian D. McKenzie, discuss their research findings in a Monkey Cage piece in The Washington Post: How do black people channel their anger about racial injustice? Here’s what we found. They report on their experimental research findings to answer questions about whether and how Black people channel anger about race into political action. They theorized that anger about race motivates many blacks to work for political solutions, while historically these actions haven’t necessarily involved electoral politics.

Can Democrats politically benefit from this wave of activism?

That’s not clear. For that to happen, Democratic candidates would need to convince black voters that they can and succeed in pushing forward relevant changes, from redistributing funds currently dedicated to policing to passing national legislation. That hasn’t happened in the past, leading to disillusionment and distrust. As a result, blacks have relied on protesting as an important vehicle for policy change.