CSDP Welcomes 2021-2022 Undergraduate Research Fellows

Sept. 23, 2021

CSDP is pleased to introduce our second cohort (first in person on campus) of Undergraduate Research Fellows. These selected Princeton seniors will join CSDP at weekly research seminars in the 2021-2022 academic year and will be paired with a CSDP faculty mentor who shares their research interests.

Abbaraju headshot

  Harshini Abbaraju (she/her/hers) is a senior in the Politics Department pursuing the Track in Race and Identity. Born and raised in Central Iowa, and now living in Upstate South Carolina, she has long been interested and involved in Democratic party and progressive politics. Her JP featured a survey-experimental study exploring the homeland political attitudes of Indian-Americans. She is currently working on a senior thesis that examines pro-Palestine campus activism in terms of social movement theory and identity politics. She recently interned for an abortion access nonprofit and cares deeply about reproductive freedom as a cornerstone of modern democratic society. She hopes to pursue some form of graduate study in political science and later attend law school.

Gibbons headshot

  Molly Gibbons is a senior in the School for Public and International Affairs pursuing the law and legal systems track. Her first junior research paper focused on the obstructionist influences of partisanship on infrastructure and her second the extra-legal contours of campaign finance regulation.  Her senior thesis will be an expansion of her junior paper on campaign finance, focusing on the ways cross-campaign agreements, internal campaign behaviors, state parties, public advocacy behavior, and corporate shareholder agreements reshape campaign finance without reshaping the legal landscape that controls it.  Most recently Molly interned with the Rodel Fellowship, a public leadership fellowship that emphasizes bipartisanship and civility in American government.

Im headshot

  Christina Im is a senior in the sociology department from Portland, Oregon. She is also pursuing certificates in creative writing and African American studies. Her senior thesis, advised by Professor Patrick Sharkey, is a quantitative analysis of predictors of support for increased policing among Asian Americans. She is broadly interested in structural barriers to political solidarity among marginalized groups, as well as the activation of panethnic identity in politics.

Montgomery headshot

  Lehman Montgomery is a senior in the Politics Department pursuing a certificate in Statistics and Machine Learning. His research has primarily focused on how voters engage with and perceive electoral candidates from traditionally marginalized groups. He is currently working on his senior thesis with Lecturer Corrine McConnaughy, which quantitatively analyzes how voters conceptualize conservative minority candidates in American elections. He is also interning at the Office of the Attorney General, conducting research on data privacy and consumer protection. After graduation, he hopes to work in public interest technology for a few years before going on to graduate school.

Moore headshot

  Nate Moore is a senior in the politics department pursuing the track in American Ideas and Institutions and a certificate in Latin American Studies. Under the direction of Professor Nolan McCarty, Nate completed his junior paper on the relationship between political geography and gerrymandering in Michigan’s congressional redistricting. For his senior thesis, he hopes to engage with the 2021 redistricting cycle, while contributing to the growing body of work on algorithmic redistricting. This past summer, Nate interned for Colorado Senator Michael Bennet, where he worked on the infrastructure and immigration portfolios. After graduating Princeton, Nate hopes to attend law school or pursue a graduate degree in political science.