CSDP Invites Applications for 2020-2021 Fellowships: Visiting Research Scholars and Postdoctoral Research Associates

Thursday, Oct 3, 2019

CSDP invites applications for 2020-2021 Visiting Research Scholars and Postdoctoral Research Associates

The deadline for all applications is December 2, 2019 at 11:59pm EST. More information is included in the (linked below) position postings. For other questions, please email csdp@princeton.edu or call Michele Epstein, Assistant Director, at 609-258-6493.

Postdoctoral Research Associate - Applicants for this 2020-2021 postdoctoral research associate position must apply to position req number  D-20-WWS-00010 https://www.princeton.edu/acad-positions/position/14021 . PhD required.  (Note that the online application system allows three days to revise the application, so automatically sends the email links to references three days after submission of the application. Applicants who submit their complete applications by the deadline, but whose letters are received during the following week, will not be disadvantaged.) If you are currently faculty at another institution and expect to return after your leave/sabbatical, please apply as a Visiting Research Scholar (below).

Visiting Research Scholar - CSDP visiting scholar positions are restricted to employed scholars on leave who are expected to return to their position. Applicants for this Visiting Research Scholar position for 2020-2021 should apply to req number D-20-WWS-00011 https://www.princeton.edu/acad-positions/position/14041 .