CSDP Faculty React to Midterm Elections

Friday, Nov 9, 2018

The Woodrow Wilson School featured CSDP faculty members' reactions to the midterm elections in a "WWS Reacts" piece out just the day after the election. Check out the story that features answers to these questions from Professors Brandice Canes-Wrone, Charles Cameron, Dara Strolovitch, and Ali Valenzuela:

Q. What is your reaction to the results of the midterm elections? How was this election different than those in the past?

Q. There were a lot of tight races. In your opinion, which were the biggest upsets? And why?

Q. In your opinion, who are the biggest winners and losers?

Q. What, if any, recent events or communications (e.g. Pittsburgh, Trump rallies, etc.) played a role in the outcome?

Q. What are the implications of the midterm results for 2020?

Q. Do you have any comment on how people used or interpreted polling before the midterms? Any impact on turnout and results?