CSDP Faculty Featured in School of Public and International Affairs' New Podcast Series: Before the Ballot

Oct. 12, 2020

The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs' new podcast series, Before the Ballot, is designed to educate voters before they cast their ballots this November. The series features several CSDP faculty associates addressing key issues facing the country: Checks and Balances? (Sarah Staszak) and The Power of the Supreme Court (Charles M. Cameron and John Kastellec).  Sarah Staszak joins Before the Ballot to discuss Congressional gridlock, the role of the courts, and how far we may have strayed from the founding fathers’ intentions. Chuck Cameron and John Kastellec discuss “judicial activism,” how the Supreme Court affects American life, and the future of the judicial branch under either a Trump or Biden presidency.

Sarah Staszak is Associate Research Scholar, Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. Charles Cameron is Professor of Politics and Public Affairs and John Kastellec is Associate Professor of Politics.

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