Cameron and Kastellec in Boston Globe on Conservative Future of SCOTUS

April 12, 2022

Charles Cameron's and John Kastellec's research on the conservative future of the Supreme Court informed The Boston Globe's reporting on what the future holds after the Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation: "Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination signals change, but court’s conservative bent remains." 

Charles Cameron is Professor of Politics and Public Affairs and John Kastellec is Associate Professor of Politics at Princeton University. Both are CSDP Faculty Associates.


 A simulation by Princeton professors Charles Cameron and Jonathan P. Kastellec determined the court is likely to have a conservative majority until the 2050s.

'Really big changes will require multiple conservative departures,” Cameron said in an e-mail, noting the “enormous” impact of adding the three relatively young Trump selections. “In essence, conservatives have won the battle over the court, possibly for decades.'