Thursday, Feb 13, 2020

Lauren Wright's Monkey Cage article in The Washington Post discusses her research findings about celebrity candidates, with a warning not to underestimate the political advantages of...

Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020

Is the use of force by police racially biased, and if so, to what degree?

Monday, Jan 27, 2020

A Vox article, discussing social democratic policies and immigration, cites a recent paper by Charlotte Cavaille and John Marshall that found that the introduction of mandatory schooling laws in Europe...

Friday, Jan 10, 2020

Concerns about the state of Congress have sparked a number of reform efforts.

Monday, Dec 23, 2019

Dr. Lauren Wright's work on celebrity candidates, described in her book, Star Power, inspired some of the questions in The New York Times quiz on the public's visual...

Monday, Dec 23, 2019

Keith Whittington's op-ed in The New York Times, Trump's Scary Precedent: Scorning Congress, makes the case that the obstruction of justice charge in the articles of impeachment (Article 2) reflects critical interference with Congress's...

Monday, Dec 9, 2019

An opinion piece in the LA Times quotes Jonathan Mummolo extensively in its discussion of the deployment of SWAT teams in black communities over the past 50 years. "Opinion: 50 years ago, LAPD raided the Black Panthers.

Monday, Nov 25, 2019

LaFleur Stephens-Dougan was a featured guest on the WHYY Radio Times' panel, reacting to the Democratic Debate held on November 20. She was joined on the panel by T. J.

Wednesday, Nov 20, 2019

Kenneth Lowande and Andrew Proctor started working together when Lowande was a CSDP Fellow and Proctor a CSDP-affiliated graduate student, in 2017-2018. Curious about whether the publicized cases of refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples reflected a wider trend, they reached out to more than 4,000 jurisdictions that issue...

Monday, Nov 18, 2019

CSDP graduate students, faculty, and fellows had the opportunity to meet with three outstanding guests this fall term, who visited the Woodrow Wilson School as part of its Endeavor Leadership Program. Meeting informally over breakfast, faculty and grad students had stimulating conversations with: