Former CSDP Fellow, Jake Grumbach, Discusses His Book on Latest ELB Podcast
Feb. 21, 2023

Jake Grumbach, author of Laboratories Against Democracy, discusses his book and the risks of decentralized election laws with Rich Hasen on the latest episode of the Election Law Blog podcast.


Jake is a former CSDP Fellow (2018-2019) and currently Associate Professor of Political Science at the…

Lee Weighs in on the Debt Ceiling Debate
Feb. 14, 2023

In an article published today by Geoffrey Skelly, Professor Frances Lee predicts a less-heated debate in Congress over raising the debt ceiling.


“I don’t think the Republican Party is as unified now as it was in 2011 on putting the brakes on spending,” Lee said. “I see this is much more of a problem of them…
Mummolo Writes on Diversifying the Police Force in the Washington Post
Feb. 2, 2023

Jonathan Mummolo writes about curbing police violence through police force diversification in his opinion piece, published in the Washington Post.


"Given the political intractability of police abolition, we are left with…
Wright on Fox News Talks Possible Biden 2024 Run
Dec. 19, 2022

Lauren Wright discussed the possible 2024 fields for both Democrats and Republicans on Fox News. Should President Biden run for re-election in 2024 since Fox polling suggests that 64% of respondents do not think he should run? Who are the likely challengers if he doesn't run?

Grumbach Book a New Yorker Best Book of the Year
Dec. 8, 2022

Jacob Grumbach's Laboratories Against Democracy was named a New Yorker Best Book of the Year. Jake is a former CSDP Fellow (2018-2019) and currently Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Washington. Laboratories Against Democracy: How National Parties Transformed State Politics was published by…

Video Recording Posted: Elections 2022 What Happened? What's Next?
Dec. 6, 2022

The video recording of the recent discussion of the 2022 US midterm elections is available on the SPIA YouTube channel.


The panel featured:

Lisa Lerer, National Political Correspondent, New York Times
Lee Perspective on Pelosi in AP Story
Nov. 21, 2022

Frances Lee is quoted in the Associated Press (AP) story covering Nancy Pelosi's announcement that she is stepping down from congressional leadership. Pelosi, dominant figure for the ages, leaves lasting imprint

Wright Discusses Campaign Dynamics and Endorsements on Fox News, NewsNation
Nov. 8, 2022

Lauren Wright appeared on Fox News and on News Nation as the 2022 midterm elections approached, weighing in on the use of big names by the Fetterman campaign in Pennsylvania and on celebrity endorsements.

In Pennsylvania, the name of the game for Republicans is to get those…

CSDP Invites Princeton Juniors and Seniors to Apply to be Undergraduate Research Fellows
Sept. 16, 2022
Members of the Princeton classes of '23 and '24:

The Center for the Study of Democratic Politics is pleased to invite Princeton undergraduates to apply for our Undergraduate Research Fellows program. This initiative, launched in the fall term 2020, is designed to engage and encourage Princeton seniors who are…

CSDP Invites Applications for 2023-2024 Fellows
Sept. 16, 2022

Princeton University's Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (CSDP) hosts post-doctoral or more senior research associates each academic year, whose work focuses on empirical research on democratic political processes and institutions. CSDP fellows pursue research and contribute to the intellectual life of the Center, the…