CSDP Invites Applications for 2023-2024 Fellows
Sept. 16, 2022

Princeton University's Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (CSDP) hosts post-doctoral or more senior research associates each academic year, whose work focuses on empirical research on democratic political processes and institutions. CSDP fellows pursue research and contribute to the intellectual life of the Center, the…

Lee Perspective on Pelosi in AP Story
Nov. 21, 2022

Frances Lee is quoted in the Associated Press (AP) story covering Nancy Pelosi's announcement that she is stepping down from congressional leadership. Pelosi, dominant figure for the ages, leaves lasting imprint

Wright Discusses Campaign Dynamics and Endorsements on Fox News, NewsNation
Nov. 8, 2022

Lauren Wright appeared on Fox News and on News Nation as the 2022 midterm elections approached, weighing in on the use of big names by the Fetterman campaign in Pennsylvania and on celebrity endorsements.

In Pennsylvania, the name of the game for Republicans is to get those…

CSDP Invites Princeton Juniors and Seniors to Apply to be Undergraduate Research Fellows
Sept. 16, 2022
Members of the Princeton classes of '23 and '24:

The Center for the Study of Democratic Politics is pleased to invite Princeton undergraduates to apply for our Undergraduate Research Fellows program. This initiative, launched in the fall term 2020, is designed to engage and encourage Princeton seniors who are…

Cameron Comments: What's in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022?
Aug. 25, 2022

Charles Cameron, Professor of Politics and Public Affairs and CSDP Faculty Associate at Princeton University, provided analysis of the politics of the Inflation Reduction Act in HAMODIA PRIME newsmagazine. Hamodia is a Hebrew-language daily newspaper…

McCarty and Lee in NY Times: "Red and Blue America Will Never Be the Same"
Aug. 9, 2022

Nolan McCarty and Frances Lee are both quoted in Thomas Edsall's discussion of demographic trends and predictions about election outcomes, "Red and Blue America Will Never Be the Same" in The New York Times.


APSA Awards to Kistner and to Gibson
June 22, 2022

Congratulations to recent PhD and CSDP graduate student affiliates Michael Kistner and Nathan Gibson.

Kistner was awarded the Christopher Z. Mooney Best Dissertation Prize by the State Politics & Policy section for his dissertation, “Fundraising for the Caucus: Money, Party Politics, and Policymaking in American Legislatures…

Guess Research Featured by Nieman Lab: Do browser extensions keep anyone away from fake news sites? Maybe a tiny bit
June 22, 2022

Nieman Lab featured Andrew Guess and co-authors' recent study that finds that NewsGuard's credibility ratings for news sites helped steer the most frequent consumers of misinformation towards more reliable outlets. Their paper was published in Science in May 2022. The…

Arnold Book on Fixing Social Security Featured on PU Homepage
May 2, 2022

In “Fixing Social Security: The Politics of Reform in a Polarized Age,” R. Douglas Arnold explores the historical role that Social Security has played in American politics, why Congress has done nothing to fix its solvency problem for three decades,…

Cameron and Kastellec in Boston Globe on Conservative Future of SCOTUS
April 12, 2022

Charles Cameron's and John Kastellec's research on the conservative future of the Supreme Court informed The Boston Globe's reporting on what the future holds after the Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation: "