Michelangelo Landgrave, 2021-2022 Joint Fellow CSDP and Politics: Does correcting misinformation about immigrants increase support for immigration?

Thu, Nov 18, 2021, 12:00 pm to 1:20 pm
300 Wallace Hall
Faculty, fellows, and graduate students only
Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (CSDP)

Michelangelo Landgrave is a joint fellow of the Department of Politics and the Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (2021-2022). He earned his PhD at the University of California-Riverside in 2021. His primary research fields are state and local politics, legislative studies and race & ethnic politics. At Princeton, Michelangelo will focus on the role of legislative staffers as substantive representatives, building on his dissertation’s examination of state legislative institutional design and its influence on legislative outcomes. He also has an active race and ethnic politics research agenda, including work that shows that more professionalized state legislatures provide more equitable constituency service to minority populations than less professionalized legislatures, and points toward policy recommendations.