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PRESS Open House with Dan Nielson (BYU): Banking Bad: Design for a Field Experiment on Compliance with Global Standards in International Finance

Ismail White, Duke University: Bounded by Blackness: A Social Accountability Explanation of Black Political Behavior

Revolt of the Suburbs in the 1968 & 2018 Elections

Markus Prior, Princeton University: Hooked: How Politics Captures People's Interest

Traci Burch, Northwestern University: Exploring the Participatory Effects of Fatal Police Shootings

CSDP Seminar: 2018-2019 Welcome and Introductions

CSDP Workshop: The Presidency and the Administrative State

U.S. Presidency in Crisis?

Collingwood and Oskooii: “A Change of Heart?”: Using Panel Designs to Establish Causality with Real Events

Eric Schickler, UC Berkeley: Policy and Performance in the New Deal Realignment: Evidence from Old Data and New Methods