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John Brehm: Social Work Supervisors As Trust-Brokers: Functions of the Public Executive

Sanford Gordon: Bureaucratic Autonomy and Regulatory Federalism

Adam Berinsky: Silent Voices: Public Opinion And Political Participation In America

Marc Hetherington: Declining Political Trust and a Shrinking Public Policy Agenda

Robert Hucksfeldt: Political Heterogeneity within Communication Networks: How Much Difference Does Disagreement Make?

Howard Rosenthal: Old Wine in a New Bottle: MacRae's Assemble Nationale Reconsidered

Karthick Ramakrishnan: Depression, Parties and Wars: Tracing the Roots of Immigrant Political Incorporation

R. Douglas Arnold: Effects of Newspaper Coverage on Citizens

David Jones: Why Do Americans (Still) Love Their Member of Congress But Hate Congress? Explaining Fenno's Paradox

Jennifer Jerit: Reconsidering Competition and the Dynamics of Political Debate