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Shanto Iyengar: Selective Attention to Political Information: Evidence from the 2000 Campaign

John Zaller: Beating Reform: The Resurgence of Parties in Presidential Nominations, 1980 to 2000

John Wilkerson: Preferences, Party, or Position-Taking: Why Context Matters & Why Preference Estimation Techniques Based on Roll Call Votes Yield Inco

Bryan D. Jones: Punctuations in Political Institutions

Jeff Herbst

Valerie Hunt

Keith Krehbiel: Cartels and Pivots Reconsidered

Chris Achen: Why Lagged Dependent Variables Can Suppress the Explanatory Power of Other Independent Variables

Howard Rosenthal and Stephen Nunez: Bankruptcy "Reform" in Congress: Creditors, Committees, Ideology, and Floor Voting in the Legislative Process

Trust in Government