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Adam Meirowitz: The Fruits of Jefferson's Dinner Party: The Compromise of 1790 and Ideal Point Estimation with Relational and Substantive Constraints

Kerry Haynie: The Color of Their Skin or the Content of Their Behavior? Race and Perceptions of African American Legislators

Leonie Huddy: Reconceptualizing Political Identification as Social Identity: A Focus on Feminism

Rose Razaghian

Vincent Hutchings: The Compassion Strategy: Race and the Gender Gap in American Politics

Amber Seligson: When Dictators Become Democrats: Evaluating the Degree to Which Former Authoritarians Behave Democratically Once They Are Elected

David Campbell: The Civic Side of School Reform: How Do School Vouchers Affect Civic Education?

Josh Tucker: Let's Get This Party Started! Russia's New Partisan Voters

David Moore: Do Americans Really Trust Their Government and Does it Really Matter?

A Conversation With Robert Dahl