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David Karol: Do Constituency Size and Diversity Affect Politicians' Policy Preferences and Explain Inter-branch and Inter-cameral Differences?

Richard Hall: Getting By With the Help of Their Friends: Lobbying as Legislative Subsidy

David Lewis: The Politics of Institutionalizing the Presidency: Neutral vs. Responsive Competence in the Executive Office of the President

Josh Goldstein and Mike Rothschild: The Aging of the Electorate

Larry Bartels: Electoral Responses to Drought, Flu, and Shark Attacks

Fred Greenstein: The Leadership of George W. Bush: Journey with George

John Huber: Electoral Laws, Separation of Powers, and Voters in Lots of Democracies

Joshua Tucker: Feeding the Hand That Bit You: Voting for Ex-Authoritarians in Russia and Bolivia

Nolan McCarty & Stuart Jordan: Measuring State Welfare Policies

W. Phillips Shively: Selection and Accountability in Congressional Elections