Events Archive

Paul Starr, Princeton University: Entrenchment and Political Change: The Case of Electoral Systems

2019 Canadian Election Panel: A Retrospective Analysis

Melinda (Molly) Ritchie, UC Riverside and CSDP Fellow: Back-Channel Policymaking: Congress, the Bureaucracy, and Inter-Branch Communication

Political Innovation: Breaking Partisan Gridlock and Saving Our Democracy

Antoine Banks, University of Maryland: To be Angry or Not to be Angry: Are Black Political Candidates Emotionally Disadvantaged

PRESS Research Workshop

Samara Klar, University of Arizona: Partisan Motivated Evaluations of Sexual Misconduct and the Mitigating Role of the #MeToo Movement

Adam Zelizer, University of Chicago: Talking Shops: The Effects of Bipartisan Deliberation on Legislative Outcomes

Charlotte Cavaille, University of Michigan and CSDP Fellow: Who Cares? A Case for Measuring Preference Strength in Political Economy Research (and New Evidence on How to Do It)

Justin Grimmer, Stanford University: Examining the Determinants of Constituency Service: Evidence from a Census of Federal Agencies