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Black Women and American Democracy

Emily Zackin, Johns Hopkins University: Debt Relief and American Political Development

Mihir Kshirsagar and Orestis Papakyriakopoulos, Princeton: Online campaign opacity during the 2020 US presidential elections. Political issues, implications and policy recommendations

Omar Wasow and Ali Valenzuela, Princeton University: Mobilizing and Polarizing: The Conditional Power of Police and Protester Violence

Alexander Fouirnaies, University of Chicago: How Do Interest Groups Influence Elections? Evidence from British Trade Unions 1900-2019

Carles Boix, Princeton University: Family, Gender Norms and Social Class: The Political Incorporation of Women in Sweden (1921-1960)

Luke Keele, University of Pennsylvania, discusses Charles Cameron, Princeton University: Do Amicus Briefs Change Supreme Court Decisions?

Shana Gadarian, Syracuse University: Pandemic Politics

Andy Guess, Princeton: Does Social Influence Shape Online Political Expression?”

The 2020 Elections: What Happened and Why?