Events Archive

John Holbein (CSDP and Duke): Does Voting Have Upstream and Downstream Consequences? Evidence from Compulsory Voting in Brazil

PRESS Research Workshop Female Employment and Bargaining Dynamics: A Lab Experiment in Jordan

Taeku Lee, UC Berkeley: Public Opinion, Business Power, and the Limits of Democratic Responsiveness

America’s Ailing Democracy: What’s Gone Wrong and What We Can Do About It

Pia Raffler (CSDP/Niehaus and Yale): Meet the Candidates. Field Experimental Evidence on Information and Vote Choice in Primaries and General Election

Sally Nuamah (UCHV and CSDP): How Public School Closures Shape Political Blame

PRESS Experiments Workshop: Do memorials promote reconciliation?

Annual Graduate Student Research Poster Session

Sean Gailmard, UC Berkeley: Building a New Imperial State: Agency Problems and Separation of Powers in English North America

Georg Vanberg, Duke University: Electoral Responsiveness, Legislative Institutions, and Government Policy in Parliamentary Democracies