Events Archive

SSRC Anxieties of Democracy Institutions Working Group

Ken Benoit, LSE: Text Analysis Demonstration and Micro-Tutorial

Martin Gilens (Dept of Politics): Altruism and Partisanship in the United States (with Adam Thal)

PRESS Research Workshop: Alexander Kustov (PhD cand); Daniela Barba-Sanchez (PhD cand)

Keith Whittington (Dept of Politics): A Political History of Judicial Review of Congress

2016 Princeton Conference on Identity and Inequality

Jeffrey Harden, University of Notre Dame: Does the Election of a Female Governor Influence Women’s Political Ambition?

How Do Politicians Learn?

Gregory Huber, Yale University: Profiling in the Lab: How Group Targeting by Law Enforcement Affects Legitimacy and Compliance

CSDP Seminar: Fellows' Introductions