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CSDP Workshop: The Presidency and the Administrative State

U.S. Presidency in Crisis?

Collingwood and Oskooii: “A Change of Heart?”: Using Panel Designs to Establish Causality with Real Events

Eric Schickler, UC Berkeley: Policy and Performance in the New Deal Realignment: Evidence from Old Data and New Methods

Jonathan Mummolo: Militarization Harms Police Reputation, Fails to Enhance Officer Safety or Reduce Crime

PRESS Experimental Research Workshop

Rafaela Dancygier: The Illusion of Far-Right Partisan Stability in Germany

Daniel Carpenter, Harvard: What's at Stake in Rulemaking? Financial Market Evidence for Industry Influence on Administrative Agencies

Brandon Stewart: How to Make Causal Inferences Using Texts

Jamie Druckman (Northwestern) PRESS Skills Session: Graduate Advising in Experimental Research Groups