Events Archive

Steven White, Syracuse University and CSDP Fellow: The Political Influence of the Police

Christopher Warshaw, George Washington University: Dynamic Democracy: Citizens, Politicians, and Policymaking in the American States, 1936-2018

PRESS Research Workshop

Jonathan Mummolo, Princeton University: Administrative Records Mask Racially Biased Policing

Paul Starr, Princeton University: Entrenchment and Political Change: The Case of Electoral Systems

2019 Canadian Election Panel: A Retrospective Analysis

Melinda (Molly) Ritchie, UC Riverside and CSDP Fellow: Back-Channel Policymaking: Congress, the Bureaucracy, and Inter-Branch Communication

Political Innovation: Breaking Partisan Gridlock and Saving Our Democracy

Antoine Banks, University of Maryland: To be Angry or Not to be Angry: Are Black Political Candidates Emotionally Disadvantaged

PRESS Research Workshop